Earth Brick school construction in Bakhang

Rebuilding village school with Earth Bricks

Bakhang is located on the hill side in Listikot VDC, very close to the border of Nepal's northern neighbor. It is a poor community of mostly Sherpa/Tibetan heritage.

We are working as reconstruction partner to Tibet Relief Fund to rebuild the five classroom village school in Bakhang. The school is situated in the center of the village and there is no other school for 2 hours walk from the village.  As Bakhang is located at an altitude of 2900 m holding classes in temporary building gets very cold in winter.

Project progress

We have set-up an Earth Brick machine machine and trained the local community how to make Earth Bricks. The locals are now confidently producing Earth Bricks that will be used in the construction of the new school. We have also just recently started setting out and digging the foundation.

Bakhang is very remote and the seasonal dirt road is only open from December to May. This means it is very hard and costly to transport conventional bricks etc. for construction. The old school was built from stone with with mud mortar and did not withstand the earthquake. The new Earth Brick school will be built with RCC-structure/concrete pillars and Earth Bricks will be used for infill walls. When building the school the local community will be trained in earthquake resistant construction – empowering them to keep rebuilding their homes and village when the school is finished.

Bringing home more children

The name of the school is Suryadaya primary School, holding classes from grade one to five. 45 pupils are currently studying in the school. Before 2015 earthquake, there were 84 pupils. This village is very badly affected by the earthquake.  Almost ninety-five percentages of houses collapsed. The school is also badly damaged and after the earthquake many pupils were sent to Kathmandu for education. With the new school many parents in Bakhang are hoping to bring back their children to the village.

4 Training CSEB

9 Children are impressed!

2 Mixing

7 Starting with foundation

8 Digging holes for concrete pillars

Village meeting with members of Build Up Nepal representatives in center Jigme Wangchuk - Penpa Sherpa - Kulendra Neupane

gorkha school design

We are serving as reconstruction implementation partner to UK-based Tibet Relief fund. Tibet Relief Fund is working to promote self-sufficiency in Tibetan communities and to help them build a positive future in Tibet, Nepal and India.