Building school, health-post and homes with compressed bricks.

Rebuilding with compressed bricks in Jyamrung

The Jyamrung village was badly damaged by the earthquake. Most of the hoses are broken and both the school and health-post in ward 4 collapsed. We are working to rebuild the school and health post and also train the villagers in earthquake resistant construction.

Compressed earth bricks production

We have started production of Earth Bricks in Jyamrung and the village is now producing their own construction material. This also creates more jobs for the locals. Once the healthpost is completed we plan to handover the machine and production to a local entrepreneur who can continue producing and start a small reconstruction business working to rebuild the broken homes. 

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Building the healthpost and school

Our first project in Jyamrung is to rebuild the broken healthpost and  the village school. Both buildings will be built by Earth Bricks and it will also work as a training for the local builders. 

school after earthquakeJyamrung school after earthquake

jyamrung 3aJyamrung school upper block

jyamrung 1Jyamrung new school from above

jyamrung 4Outdoor spaces

Healthpost and model homes

The health post was severely damaged by the earthquake. We will rebuild the new health-post with two buildings. The buildings will also become model houses for the villagers that they can learn from and copy for their own homes.


Tuki Nepal

The reconstruction in Jyamrung is sponsored by Tuki Nepal Society in Sweden. Tuki Nepal is also one of the founding partners in Build up Nepal.

Other sponsors are:

Af Jochnick foundation

Holtab AB

Rotary U-fond

Rotary Tegnér

Lions club Tingsryd,

Nepali association of Orego

Volunteers of Tenri University


Dick Stroop

Johan Markensten