Eco-friendly, low-cost construction across Nepal

Earthquake resistant and Eco-friendly school design

Build up Nepal is specializing in earthquake resistant and sustainable construction. We build using local materials - Interlocking Earth Bricks which are produced in the village. You can see some of the designs and download basic drawings from this page. 

Interlocking Brick (CSEB) schools in Nepal

In northen Sindupalchowk on the border of Tibet we completed a 5 classroom Earth Brick school together with Tibet Relief fund. This video shows how we work when building schools. 


Approved drawings and design

Here you can see some of our designs which is already approved by Ministry of Education in Nepal (PDF format). For the complete documentation, BOQs and more details, please contact us. 

Loadbearing Interlocking Brick School

Low cost school design for rural schools with 3 + 2 classroom blocks
Download the drawings >>

RCC & interlocking brick walls

Single story school building with RCC columns and Interlocking Brick walls. 
Download the drawings >>

2 story RCC with interlocking brick walls

8 Classroom design of 2 story RCC school with interlocking brick walls. 
Download the drawings >>


Are you planning to build a school in Nepal?



Start with a school - Build the whole village

Our concept is to empower rural communities, micro-entrepreneurs and builders to make their own bricks, and teach them to build earthquake resistant. When building the school we also teach villagers and local builders each aspect of earthquake resistant construction so that when the school is completed they can continue building the whole village!

Build up Nepal works either as a construction partner or to support your local partner with training, machines and technical support. 

Building with interlocking Earth bricks

Interlocking Earth bricks are Eco-friendly, Affordable and Earthquake resistant. 

  • Eco-friendly: Interlocking bricks is made of local sand, soil and only 10% cement. Compared to building with fired bricks it is very good for the climate and environment. Each classroom saves 5 tons of CO2. It also creates local jobs, income and development in the village.


  • Earthquake resistant: Interlocking bricks is highly earthquake resistant and therefore very suitable in Nepal. Before the earthquake four schools were built in Dolhaka very near to the epicentre. All four schools were undamaged by the earthquake. 


  • Low cost: On average a school built with Interlocking Bricks in load-bearing wall design is 10-20% less cost than the same building made of fired bricks. In remote locations cost savings are even higher. We have found that even in very remote locations Interlocking Bricks is still more cost effective than building with stone.




Contact us for a cost estimate and help to build a school in your village!

Videos from some of our school projects