Building with impact

Teaching a growing body of local builders and entrepreneurs how to build affordable and earthquake resistant homes and schools.

We find it equally important to rebuild schools and homes as it is to create training, opportunities and economic development in rural villages. With Earth Bricks rural communities can start producing their own Bricks and construction material. We save cost in transportation and instead focus on producing sustainable, safe and affordable construction material locally.

community driven reconstruction - Nepal 2017


How we work to start rebuilding with Earth Bricks

Rebuilding a village is a complex and sensitive task. When rebuilding we work closely with the community and the local people in the village.

Starting to produce earth bricks

  1. First we visit the village, discuss with the community about the project. It is all about understanding their views and situation.  We make a survey of the local conditions as well as a soil test
  2. The second step is to setup the machine and build a small factory where the Earth Bricks can be produced. 
  3. Earth brick training
    Once this is finished our team comes out to the village for intensive training in producing the Earth Bricks. We mix theory with practice. the locals learn how to make bricks, maintain the machine, test the soil, check quality etc.
  4. Supervision and training
    Our supervisor stays in the village in order to ensure that the locals have understood all the steps correctly and that they can make high quality Earth Bricks. Our focus is to make the local builders as independent as possible and after the training they will also be able to do daily maintenance on the machine and perform soil test.


Rebuilding Earthquake resistant
The construction training is done when we build the first structure. Our team comes at critical parts to teach and ensure the construction is done correctly. We can also help with daily supervision if required. 

  • Foundation.
    First we make three days training of how to build a good foundation. Then the locals finish building the foundation of the first building
  • Walls & masonry 
    Once the foundation is complete our team conducts a three days of wall construction training. As a part of the training we build the first few layers of bricks on the walls. Then the locals can continue building. 
  • Roof training
    Lastly our teams come out to teach how to put on the roof and the finishing details

We come back to the village on a regular basis to see the progress, listen to the villagers and the entrepreneurs to understand what they need to progress. We are very careful not to make our villages aid dependent but instead focus on making them self-sufficient. CSEB - Nepal 2074

Earthquake resistant Interlocking Brick (CSEB) health post in Nepal. Low cost and sustainable by using local materials with approved designs. Contact us to know more!

Earthquake resistant Interlocking Brick (CSEB) school in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. Low cost and approved design. Contact us and tell us more about your project!