Community driven reconstruction in Ratankot

CSEB reconstruction in Ratankot

Ratankot is a small village in Sindupalchowk located 5 hours from Kathmandu. Most of the houses were destroyed by the earthquake and the village school completely collapsed. We are training the local villagers and builders to make Earth Bricksto rebuild their own school and homes. 

In Ratankot the villagers are working to rebuild their own school. We have started earth brick production in the village and are training the villagers in earthquake resistant construction so they can rebuild their school. 
stacking brick

During training the locals were trained in every step of Earth Brick production: soil testing, mixing soil, and making bricks as well as machine maintenance and quality testing. The first step is to rebuild the village school with 12 classrooms. The project is sponsored by Compassion in Action – Gayatri Fund.

earth mixing

 The local community have simultaneously started building their own houses. Two houses are completed and now they are building more homes:

1 working on house)

2 shock safe Earth Brick house (with bamboo roof)

4 Lama family house

4.1 Lama family house

4.2 Inside