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We try to continuously update our work here on the website where you can follow the process of each active project. We also invite you to like our Facebook Page for the most frequent news.

save the children 2017 Nepal

Reconstruction with Save the Children

Districts: Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, Dolakha and Gorkha

Build up Nepal is working as reconstruction partner to Save the Children in 5 villages. We are currently training the local communities and building model houses – empowering them to rebuild their own villages with Earth Bricks.


Earth Brick school in Bakhang

Partner: Tibet Relief Fund

We are happy to share with you that a 5 class room earth school in Bakhang is now complete and has started to operate as well. The students are excited to have a safe and beautiful school to study in!!

GoodWeave Nepal 2017Reconstruction in five villages

Partner: GoodWeave Int.   

District: Sindhupalchowk
We are just starting the exciting work to start up reconstruction in 5 villages in Sindhupalchowk together with GoodWeave. The full scope of the project is to rebuild 90 houses for the most vulnerable families.


Entrepreneurship driven reconstruction

Partner: PA, SSS & JJMS  Districts: Rasuwa & Nuwakot
Together with Practical Action we are starting a growing number of Earth Brick set-ups in Rasuwa & Nuwakot. The project has a unique focus to support entrepreneurs and promote more sustainable construction materials!

raleigh cseb houseBuilding homes for the poor

Partner: Raleigh International      District: Gorkha
We serve as the implementation partner for Raleigh international in their program to teach poor families to build their own homes. A program with a unique mix of entrepreneurship and international volunteers in three villages in Gorkha.

Earth Brick reconstruction

CSEB enterprise in Mucchok, Gorkha.

Partner: IM & MADE                    District: Gorkha
Together with Swedish INGO IM we are providing machine, training the locals and building an agriculture collection center. Thereafter we will form a CSEB enterprise and continue building houses through local entrepreneurship.


CSEB school & entrepreneurs in Mulabari

Partners: AusNep foundation & Volvo employees’ development fund
In Mulabari, Gorkha, we have successfully built a primary school from Earth Bricks with 5 classrooms!!


Community center in Kalleri, Dhading

Partners: Yogdaan Foundation & Tampa Bay Nepalese.
Build up Nepal is serving as reconstruction partner for Yogdaan foundation in the building of a community hall with CSEB and supporting local Earth Brick entrepreneurs.

Earth Brick Training

Reconstruction in traditional architecture

Partners: We Help Nepal Network & Mitchell Silver
Above Godavari, overlooking the Katmandu valley, lies Kot Danda. A very hospitable & welcoming village where we are working as training partner to rebuild houses in traditional architecture. 5 houses are under construction and we see scope for many more CSEB houses to come up in Kot Danda soon.

Earth Brick Houses - Nepal 2017

Rebuilding houses in Majihigaun

Partners: Tuki Nepal, Carpe Vitam and several others. 
In Majhigaun we are working with Community driven reconstruction. The villagers are building their own homes with Earth Bricks. 16 homes are finished and now we are moving into next phase building 15 more.

Rebuild Safe Nepal

Rebuilding in Lubhu – in the valley!

Partner: Rebuild Safe Nepal
We work as technical partner to Kathmandu valley based social venture Rebuild Safe Nepal. We have provided machine and the local entrepreneurs will be starting rebuilding houses in the coming weeks!

Shiva Charity - Ravi OpiEarth Brick training in Ravi Opi

Partner: Shiva Charity
In beautiful Ravi Opi we are working as partner to Shiva Charity. We are setting up CSEB machine and training the local community in Earth Brick production and earthquake resistant construction.

Interlocking Brick Masonry - Nepal 2017

Training and school reconstruction in Jiri

Partner: Face to Face Nepal
In beautiful Jiri, Dolakha, we are serving as training partner for Face to Face Nepal. We have set up an Earth Brick press and trained the local community – now producing Earth Bricks and rebuilding the school.

Rebuilding with Earth Bricks (Interlocking Brick Masonry) - Nepal 2017

Community reconstruction in Dandagaun

Partner: Tenri University Volunteer association & Tenrikyo Overseas Student Association
In Dandagaun, the community has taken the reconstruction in their own hands. We have set-up a machine and trained and now they are rebuilding their own homes and village.


Building healthpost & school in JyamrungRebuilding with Earth Bricks (Interlocking Brick Masonry) - Jyamrung Nepal 2017

Partners: Tuki Nepal, Rotary Tegnér, Lions Tingsryd, Nepali association of Oregon, Volunteers of Tenri University. 
In Jyamrung, Dhading we have built a health post along with staff living quarter and are in the process of school construction with 11 classrooms. 

Rebuilding with Earth Bricks  - Thokarpa Nepal 2017

Reconstruction in Thokarpa

Partners: Sweden Nepal Society, Kathmandu Medical college
Thokarpa is rebuilding! A three storey library is completed and we now work as construction partner for Sweden Nepal society in building a new health post from Earth Bricks in the village. 


CSEB training

Earth Brick machine & training in Ratankot

Partners: Kriegskindernothilfe, Gyatri foundation & organization for Street children in Nepal 
In Ratankot, Sindupalchowk the locals are now building their own school from Earth Bricks. Build up Nepal works as training and technical partner. 


 Training partner for Bakrang, Gorkha

Partner: Village of Light
We worked as training partner for Village of Light in the successful reconstruction of the primary school in Bakrang. Village of Light and the local people worked well together and the school was completed in December. The locals have just begun to rebuild their own houses.


Community driven reconstruction in Nalang, Dhading

Partners: Ecological Protection Forum & Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund

Build up Nepal is working as reconstruction partner to Ecological protection forum in Nalang, Dhading. Machines have been set-up and we are currently training the local communities and building model houses.

Sponsortrek Nepal

Rebuilding Health post in Putalikath, Dolhaka

Partner: Stichting Sponsortrek Nepal

With help from the NGO Sponsortrek the community in Putalikath is coming together to rebuild a healthpost. While building the healthpost they will be trained in Earth Brick production and earthquake resistant construction.

sharamtaly schoolEarth Brick school in Sharamtaly

Partner: Open Hands
We are working as the local partner for Open Hands to start reconstruction in several villages. Sharamthaly in Kavre is the first project where we work with community driven reconstruction. 

NFNEarth Brick school in Mandali, Gorkha

Partner: Nepali for Nepali
We work as technical and machine partner for Nepali for Nepali in the reconstruction of the 3 classrooms Mandali village school. The children are already looking forwards to their new school!

karki gaun cseb
Earth Brick training in Karki Gaun

Partners: Sahayatri Nepal, Katrin Hintermeier
In Karki Gaun, Nuwakot the villagers have learned to make their own bricks. We served as the training and machine partner in this village. 

earth brick close upEarth Bricks community hall

Partner: Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)
We work as training and machine partner for VIN in the construction of their community hall in Thuluchap, Okhuldunga. 

phulkarka cseb pres


Earth Brick production in Phulkarka

Partner: Journey Nepal
Phulkarka is located in Dhading 10 hours from Kathmandu. Due to it’s remote location Earth Bricks is the perfect construction material here. 

Local entrepreneur support in Jyamrung

Partner: Hope 4 Nepal
Along with great partnership with Hope 4 Nepal, we have been able to support our driven entrepreneur Ishwori Lamsal by giving him a contract of building 3 schools in Jyamrung. All these 3 schools are currently under construction at a great pace. Our entrepreneur is positive of getting more & more CSEB construction contracts in this area.