Community driven reconstruction in Dandagaun

Rebuilding in Dadagaun

Dadagaun was badly damaged by the earthquake. Most of the houses were destroyed. With support from Tenri University Volunteer association and Tenrikyo Overseas Student Association we are working to help the community rebuild their houses.

Rebuilding homes and building a brighter future!

We have started production of Earth Bricks and the first model house is under construction in Dadagaun. The local community have been well organized and learned how to efficiently produce Earth Bricks in a very short time. When building the model house the local community have been trained in earthquake resistant construction. The model house in now built up to roof level and will soon be finished!

Soon another 5-7 families will start building their houses. They have already started making bricks for their houses and the first model house will be the start of rebuilding many more houses. The reconstruction in Dadagaun is really a community affair and we are very happy for the progress in this project!

1 Dhorje in front of house

1 Training

1 walls

  3 Training

4 First bricks

5 House is up to roof level

5 newly pressed brick

2 Dhorje & Saru showcasing the bricks