Community driven reconstruction

Majhigaun is rising from the rubbles!

28 houses and one school is rebuilt. The local Earth Brick entrepreneurs and families are now rebuilding another 15 houses! We support poor families to rebuild their own homes with Earth Bricks that they produce by themselves in the village. 

The situation i Majhigaun after the earthquake was very bad. More or less all houses were completely destroyed. The families were living under tarps or in temporary sheds. The Majhi people is a discriminated ethnic group in Nepal and the whole village lives in poverty. Traditionally fishermen but a huge stone crusher has destroyed the river. Now they are struggling for their livelihood.

The Majhi’s are now taking matters into their own hands!

We started the project by setting up a production of Earth Bricks and training the local community in earthquake resistant construction while building the first model house. The locals learned how to make a solid foundation and how to reinforce with cement and rebar. Now they have taken matters into their own hands and rebuilding their whole village!

Earth brick house - reconstruction nepal 2074

This is the model house & now the villagers are building houses on their own!

Brick masonry - Reconstruction - Nepal 2074

Earthquake Reconstruction Nepal - 2017


Reconstruction house - Nepal 2074

Read the story of how Shanti Majhi built her own house >>

Rebuilding the village school!

By building the first 28 houses the local Earth Brick entrepreneurs and builders become skilled construction workers. With the help of Build up Nepal they got the contract to rebuild the village school. Read more about Birbal Majhi’s experiences – one of the Earth Brick entrepreneurs in Majhigaun >>

Earth Brick Entreprenuers - Nepal 2074Local Earth Brick Entrepreneurs

4 Local Earth Brick Entreprenuers

Mixing Soil, Sand & Cement

School reconstruction - Nepal 2074

The local Earth Brick builders are working hard to finish the school before monsoon!

Interlocking brick masonry CSEB - Nepal 2074

The walls are coming up quickly!

Rebuilding Nepal - Brick by Brick - 2017

The children of Majhigaun are looking forwards to their new school!

Rebuilding with Earth Bricks. Most rural families in Nepal dream of a house of brick and concrete but simply cannot afford it. Earth Bricks makes this dream possible. By using their own labor the villagers are able to lower the cost of construction and build a house of Earth Bricks.

We are now organizing the next group of 15 families to build their own houses. The families do all the work by themselves. They collect soil and sand for the bricks and stones for the foundation. They reuse and repair old doors, windows and other materials. They produce the bricks and use their own labor to build the houses. Our team provides the machine, training and supervision. Ensuring that the houses are earthquake resistant.

We need more sponsors to cover the cost of foreign materials. The people in Majhigaun needs your support. The people have weathered monsoon and winter under plastic tarpaulins and in temporary sheds. They have taken matters into their own hands and are working to rebuild their future. Support us in helping more vulnerable families to build their houses next:

 support reconstruction - help Nepal 2017

Rebuild Nepal - 2017


Contact us to become a partner and support more families rebuild in Majhigaun!


Our partners

Carpe Vitam (Sweden)
Tuki Nepal Society (Sweden)
Stichting Mondiale Woonhulp (Netherlands)
AAPKI (Sweden)
Family Grönvall (Sweden)
Tom Burmesiter (Sweden)
Christer Nilsson & Karin Andersson (Sweden)
Mattias Waldau
Katastrofhjälp Nepal & Help Nepal Network
Rob Beers foundation
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