Rebuilding with Earth Bricks

Owner Driven Reconstruction with STC

Build up Nepal is working as reconstruction partner to Save the Children in five villages in four of the most badly affected districts. We are in the process of training the local communities and building model houses in each village – empowering them to rebuild their village on their own with Earth Bricks.

Districts: Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, Dolhaka and Gorkha

The focus of the project is to initiate a owner driven reconstruction in the five villages; to use CSEB as a way to increase local entrepreneurship and income. We believe that to succeed with owner driven reconstruction in these villages we need to involve and put the local communities at the heart of the reconstruction project. Every village is different with a unique set of conditions and each family has their own needs socially and financially. They all have their own plans, needs, ideas and dreams. 

In all five villages we have made initial visit and mobilized the community together with Save the Children. We have just recently set-up the machines and trained in CSEB production. The local communities are now producing CSEB on their own and we are working to build the model house in each location – teaching the local community how to build earthquake resistant with CSEB. The model house is built for one of the most vulnerable family in the village. Once finished we will form a community entrepreneurship group in each village that will continue to produce earth bricks and building more homes.

Build up Nepal is serving as the reconstruction implementation partner. The local communities have been well organized and hard working and we are very happy for the progress!

1 production training


3 soil test training

4 mixing training

6 locally made bricks


7 (2)



The project is funded and initiated by Save the Children Nepal – working for recovery and reconstruction after the 2015 earthquakes to protect children and vulnerable families.