Bamboo houses advantage

Bamboo grows in many villages in Nepal. It is a strong and lightweight material that can make earthquake resistant houses.Bamboo houses can be built from prefabricated panels in short time. But the villagers can also learn to build house of bamboo on their own which will reduce the cost and allow them to make their own houses. It will be most suitable for earthquake victims of Nepal.

Small business for women in the villages

Weaving floor mats and baskets of bamboo and grass is a common work for women in Nepal. We think there is a good potential for them to start producing bamboo panels on their own to start small local business in the village which will help to boost economy.

A solid foundation

A solid foundation is important for an earthquake resistant house and to prevent water from going inside during monsoon. We dig a trench of 60 cm and fill with stone and cement

Wall-panel of bamboo

Note that the panel is double sided which gives a rather thick wall with insulation in the middle. Those panels can be made locally in the village. All bamboo must he treated before used. Untreated bamboo might be attacked by termites and can decay after a few years. Treated bamboo will last for more than 30 years and is good for permanent houses


Assembling the panels

The panels are light-weight and can easily either be produced on the site or carried to the right location.paneler-uppsatta

Assembly completed!


Clay or concrete plaster

Window and door-frames are installed. The walls are covered in cement or clay plaster. Clay is the cheaper choice while cement gives a better finish. The roof is made from tin sheets insulated with a panel of plywood or gypsum board.

Completed house after painting

final-house3 final-house2