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Machines & Training

Build up Nepal is the market leader in Interlocking Bricks technology. We support you to succeed with high quality machines, training and 12 months warranty.

Single Mould Machine

Produces 300x150x100 mm CSEB bricks. Capacity: 600 bricks per day. Four people required to operate at full speed. Perfect for single story buildings. Cost-effective and easy to operate.

• Low cost
• Easy to transport to remote areas
• Easy to operate

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Multi Mould Brick Machine

This machine makes either 2 x Interlocking Bricks, 3 x normal brick size or 2 x pavers . It’s ability to exchange moulds makes it versatile and effective for commercial production. Larger bricks can be used for 2 story and public buildings.

Build up Nepal – Unique machine features:

  • Hopper fills in one stroke
  • Ability to switch moulds
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Cycle time (2 bricks) < 40 sec

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Semi-Automatic Multi Mould Brick Machine

An ideal machine for commercial production. Capacity: 1600 bricks per day (two per stroke) and operates on 3-phase or single phase electricity. Moulds can be exchanged to make different bricks and pacers.

Build up Nepal – Unique machine features:

  • Automatic hopper & filling
  • Ability to switch moulds
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Cycle time (2 bricks) < 30 sec7

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We support you to succeed

Build up Nepal guarantee

  • 4+ years experience from 200+ locations
  • Highest quality machines
  • Unique machine features and highest output
  • 12 months warranty and support

We help you start and succeed in your project / enterprise!

Interlocking Brick training

Our production training covers all the key steps of efficient production of strong Interlocking Bricks:

1.Soil testing on your soil

2.Calculating mix ratios for strong bricks

3.Mixing, drop test & machine operation

4.Efficient production

5.Maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly)

6.Quality control & trouble shooting

7.Mock-up wall construction


Building earthquake and flood resistant

Our construction/mason training is divided in four parts. For efficiency it is done not as a separate training, but as a part of the construction of the first building. Our team comes at critical parts of the construction to teach and then the locals can implement what they have learned in practice on the real building.

  1. Foundation:
    In this training we teach both in theory and practice basics for earthquake and flood resistant construction.
    – Selecting a good location
    – Measure and digging foundation
    – Quality control
    – Anchoring rebar and making stirrups
    – Concreting and stone soiling

  2. Beam casting:
    When the foundation is ready the next critical step is casting the lower beam and anchoring remaining rebar into the beam. In this training we teach
    – Beam casting and formwork
    – How to check quality and maintain correct level
    – Fitting rebar

  3. Building walls and reinforcements:
    Building the first few layers of the wall is very important. Once the trainees have learned this repeating the process for the remaining layers is quite easy.
    This training focus on
    – Building with earth bricks
    – Maintaining levels
    – Bricks selection
    – Using half bricks

  4. Roofing:
    The last days of training is focusing on how to attach the roof and ceiling. Also checking the quality of the construction and finalizing the remaining details. 

Reconstruction with Earth Bricks (Interlocking Brick Masonry) - Nepal 2017



Depending on the previous skill of the locals and your team we can also offer supervision in between trainings. In this case a Build up Nepal supervisor will stay on site after the training to ensure everything is implemented properly and keep on instructing the local builders. This will give a quality assurance to the construction as well as a more in-depth training. 
However if your organization have their own engineers or supervisors they will be able to supervise the construction based on our training. 

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