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Transforming the construction ecosystem to provide safe, affordable, sustainable housing in rural communities across Nepal.

We believe that rural villages must be built with local materials, by local entrepreneurs and the villagers themselves. We work as partner to INGOs/NGOs and entrepreneurs, providing machines, training and support to start building in rural villages.

The Challenge

Many years have passed since the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. 500,000 homes still need to be rebuilt. Key reasons for the delay include a lack of affordable housing options and bottlenecks in the reconstruction supply-chain and traditional development sector; a complex ecosystem of donors and NGOs, local government bodies and diverse communities. As a result, the most vulnerable families are at risk of being permanently left behind in unsafe, temporary shelters.

Our Solution

Build up Nepal has started rebuilding houses in over 100 communities. We combine innovative construction technologies, local materials and entrepreneurship to rebuild safe, affordable houses. This creates long term jobs and boosts the local economy. We have developed an effective model for engaging the reconstruction ecosystem including government bodies, NGOs, and private sector construction stakeholders to ensure that the most vulnerable are able to rebuild their homes. Our model has three key, integrated solutions:

  • Private sector driven reconstruction: engaging and empowering local entrepreneurs to establish a sustainable construction business, using our machines, trainings and support.
  • Innovative technologies: enabling entrepreneurs and rural communities to use local materials for construction, saving time and money.
  • Ecosystem mobilisation: mobilising local governments, NGOs, the community and other construction stakeholders to develop an efficient reconstruction ecosystem for all, embedding long lasting, sustainable impact.

Private sector driven reconstruction

To deliver reconstruction at the scale and pace required, we are developing a fast-growing network of 75+ local entrepreneurs that are investing to establish a sustainable construction enterprise. We offer driven entrepreneurs a full-package support to establish their enterprise:

  • High-quality machines to produce bricks using local materials
  • On the job training in production and construction
  • Ongoing monitoring, training and support
  • A set of government approved house designs
  • Support to mobilize local government & community

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Innovative Technologies

We specialize in innovative technologies that enable entrepreneurs to utilise local materials; removing the bottleneck and high cost of building with fired bricks. The methods are uniquely suitable in hilly and mountainous regions due to these areas’ high transportation costs but also competative in the lower regions. Both methods are easy to learn and operate, enabling many women and young people to start working in construction. 5-8 jobs are created in the production alone and further jobs in the construction.

CSEB Interlocking bricks composition - Nepal 2074

CSEB – Compressed Stabilized Earth Brick

CSEB is an internationally recognized earthquake resistant construction material produced by compressing soil, sand and cement in a manual machine. Houses built with CSEB are strong, safe, attractive and affordable. A highly suitable technology in low to mid hill region.
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Efficient stone-cutting technology

In the higher hill and mountain areas, transportation is tremendously difficult. Our technology targets the bottleneck; the time-consuming cutting and dressing of stones (the only locally available material). With a portable stone-saw, running on low power electricity, we speed up the cutting of stones from 8-10 per day (per person) to 100 stones instead!
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Benefits of these technologies

  • 20% – 40% lower cost of construction
  • Creates long term, local jobs
  • Highly attractive among rural population and approved by the government
  • 60 – 80% less CO2 than building with fired bricks


Ecosystem Mobilisation

We have learnt that innovative technologies alone is not enough. We have developed a step by step process to engage and mobilise a construction ecosystem to embed long lasting, sustainable impact. In contrast to traditional development interventions, our process brings together private sector entrepreneurs, local government, NGOs and community to lead the reconstruction of safe homes.  We mobilise the ecosystem as follows:

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Advantages of this model

  • NGOs can focus on supporting the most vulnerable while simultaneously building an effective construction ecosystem benefitting all stakeholders.
  • Model houses showcase the technology and act as a mobilising mechanism to attract the rest of the community.
  • Private sector entrepreneurs take an important stake in managing the process efficiently
  • All stakeholders are trained to work together in practice to establish a sustainable and efficient construction ecosystem locally.

The core of our model is to build an effective ecosystem to empower rural communities & entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands

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Transforming the construction ecosystem
There now exists a unique window of opportunity to transform the construction ecosystem to provide safe, affordable, sustainable housing in rural communities. We are working to catalyse a sustainable ecosystem and rebuild 20 000 houses over the next three years.

Training or complete construction partner
In a project, Build up Nepal can be your technical partner providing machines and training to start building. We can also take the complete responsibility for a construction project, from start to completion. In this case we have our own engineers and staff on site during the project to ensure quality and efficiency.

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