Training local builders in earthquake resistant construction.

Rolwaling valley - reinforced stone buildings

Rolwaling is very remote and on high altitude. The ground freezes in late November and temperature drops to -10 i midwinter. Good homes is necessary for survival, but bringing modern construction materials like cement is not feasible due to the remote location.


Training for masons - Reinforcing with iron wire mesh

Due to the remote location stone masonary is very suitable i Rolwaling (there is plenty of stone). But to build safely with stone we require reinforcement. Cement and iron rebars is too heavy and expensive to carry up the himalayas. Instead we focus on reinforcing traditional stone buildings with GI wire.

This is a common method for retrofiting buildings and works very well for new constructions as well. We have trained 7 masons from the area in building with GI wire. Now they are back in rolwaling andhave started rebuilding houses.

This project is sponsored by swedish climber and adventurer Fredrik Sträng

gi wire 2