Efficient stone-cutting

With a stone-saw it is possible to cut in minutes what takes hours by traditional methods. Our stone-cutting machines are portable, powered by single-phase electricity and perfect for reducing the cost of stone-house construction in remote locations!

Stone-cutting for construction

प्रभावकारी ढुंगा काट्ने मेसिन प्रयोग गरि आफ्नो टाईल काट्ने व्यवसाय सुरु गर्नुहोस I

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Stones is a locally available material in remote locations but the traditional method of cutting and dressing stones is time-consuming and costly. With a portable stone-saw it is possible to cut stones on site, reducing the cost. The Diamond blade quickly cuts the stones; allowing local entrepreneurs and villagers to rebuild stone-houses faster and at lower cost.

Stone cutting Nepal - 2074

Stone-cutting machines

Build up Nepal offers efficient and portable stone-cutting machines for Nepal. We are the official reseller of Battivpav and we have machines of different sizes depending on your requirements. Perfect for remote villages and for saving cost in stone-house construction.

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Stone cutting nepal - 2017

Intensive training

To make sure you get the most out of the machine we offer short intensive trainings. We cover how the machine operates, cutting, quality checking, maintaining and safety, etc.

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Advantages of the technology:

  • High quality machine made in Italy
  • Single phase electricity
  • Portable and can easily be carried
  • Efficient cutting of stones and tiles
  • Can also cut concrete blocks, bricks, granite, marble etc.
  • Perfect for stone-house construction in remote locations!



Machine specifications

Efficient stone cutting machine with Diamond blades:


  • Max cutting thickness: 14 inches
  • Diamond blade diameter 20 inches
  • Power: 2.2 KW, 5A, 5 HP single phase.
  • Machine size: 118x77x148 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg



  • Max cutting length: 800 mm
  • Max cutting thickness: 110 mm x2
  • Diamond blade diameter 350 mm
  • Power: 2.2 KW, 9A, single phase.
  • Machine size: 115x66x63,3 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg






Authorized - 850x550

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