Earth Bricks - Rebuilding with more impact.

We believe the best way to rebuild Nepal is by empowering local people and using local materials. Together with INGOs and NGOs we provide machines and training for rural communities, teaching them to make Earth bricks (CSEB) and rebuild their own village.

I M P O R T A N T   U P D A T E ! – In March 2017 the government of Nepal has given its full approval to build with Earth Bricks! We have been working hard for the approval which will now make it much easier to rebuild safe and affordable in rural areas of Nepal!


850x450 vol 2

Download the full DUDBC volume 2 alternative construction materials for earthquake resistant model houses in Nepal here: DESIGN-CATALOGUE-VOLUME-II-FINAL.pdf

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Earth bricks – machines & training for your project

We are rebuilding villages in Nepal with CSEB – Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks – an earthquake resistant building technology. With Earth Bricks communities can start producing their own bricks and construction material locally. Sustainable, safe and affordable. 

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Community driven reconstruction

Build up Nepal works as an implementation partner for INGOs and NGOs. We focus on community driven reconstruction and supporting local entrepreneurs.

Every classroom and each house built is training for local builders and entrepreneurs, teaching them to rebuild their own village. 

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training entrepreneurs

Our projects & villages

Each village is different with it’s own unique set of people and challenges.
Here you can read more about our ongoing projects and the progress in each village.


Reconstruction with Save the Children

Districts: Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, Dolhaka and Gorkha

Build up Nepal is working as reconstruction partner to Save the Children in 5 villages. We are currently training the local communities and building model houses – empowering them to rebuild their own villages with Earth Bricks.

1Earth Brick school in Bakhang

Partner: Tibet Relief Fund

In Bakhang, Sindupalchok, we are building a 5 classroom school. We are working as reconstruction partner to Tibet Relief Fund and the construction of the school will be the start of rebuilding the whole village.


Community center in Kalleri, Dhading

Partners: Yogdaan Foundation & Tampa Bay Nepalese.
Build up Nepal is serving as reconstruction partner for Yogdaan foundation in the building of a community hall with CSEB and supporting local Earth Brick entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship driven reconstruction

Partner: PA, SSS & JJMS  Districts: Rasuwa & Nuwakot
Together with Practical Action we are starting a growing number of Earth Brick set-ups in Rasuwa & Nuwakot. The project has a unique focus to support entrepreneurs and promote more sustainable construction materials!

Build up Nepal provides Machines and training to start reconstruction in villages.


CSEB school & entrepreneurs in Mulabari

Partners: AusNep foundation & Volvo employees
In Mulabari, Gorkha we are building an primary school from Earth Bricks with 5 classrooms. The school construction is also a training for local entreprenuers and builders. 

BANNERRebuilding houses in Majihigaun

Partners: Tuki Nepal, Carpe Vitam and several others. 
In Majhigaun we are working with Community driven reconstruction. The villagers are building their own homes with Earth Bricks. 16 homes are finished and now we are moving into next phase building 15 more.

“Earth bricks reduces costs of construction and transportation. 
It creates jobs and new opportunities in the village.”

raleigh cseb houseBuilding homes for the poor

Partner: Raleigh International
We serve as the implementation partner for Raleigh international in their unique program to teach poor families build their own homes. A program with a unique mix of entrepreneurship and international volunteers in three villages.

4 Inauguration starts

Reconstruction in Thokarpa

Partners: Sweden Nepal Society, Kathmandu Medical college
Thokarpa is rebuilding! A three storey library is completed and we now work as construction partner for Sweden Nepal society in building a new health post from Earth Bricks in the village. 

jyamrung cseb

Building healthpost & school in Jyamrung

Partners: Tuki Nepal, Rotary Tegnér, Lions Tingsryd, Nepali association of Oregon, Volunteers of Tenri University

In Jyamrung, Dhading we are building a new health post and school with 11 classrooms combined with supporting local entrepreneurs. 

2Reconstruction in five villages

Partner: GoodWeave Int.    District: Sindhupalchowk
We are just starting the exciting work to start up reconstruction in 5 villages in Sindhupalchowk together with GoodWeave. The full scope of the project is to rebuild 90 houses for the most vulnerable families.