CSEB Machine

Interlocking Brick CSEB machines

For efficient production

Our machines are made of quality steel and developed for maximum efficiency. Since 2015 we have been improving and refining our machines to increase durability and output. Our uniquely effective manual machines makes it possible to produce at high capacity even in remote areas. The machines come with 12 months warranty.

Affordable housing using CSEB

CSEB Single mould machine

A low cost, easy-to-operate, highly efficient machine suitable for remote locations. 

Capacity: 600 bricks per day

Affordable housing using CSEB

CSEB Multi mould machine

Highly suitable machine for commercial entrepreneurs. Possibility of exchanging moulds to make pavers and different size of bricks to supply wider market.

Capacity: 800 bricks per day

Affordable housing using CSEB

CSEB Hydraulic machines

An ideal machine for commercial production.
Capacity: 1600 bricks per day (two per stroke) operates on 3-phase or single phase electricity. Moulds can be exchanged to make different size bricks and pavers.

Build up Nepal – Unique machine features:

  • Automatic hopper & filling
  • Ability to switch moulds
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Cycle time (2 bricks) < 20 sec
Affordable housing using CSEB

On-site training

The training is hands-on and conducted in one of our construction site where your team will participate making bricks and building real houses.


Day 1 – Soil test and mixingUnderstanding the properties of different soils and how to test and mix it is the most important skill for quality bricks.


Day 2 – Machine & production. On day two we focus on how to make bricks and operate the machine. Machine maintenance – we open up the machine and make sure your team understand each part and how to maintain it.


Day 3 – Efficient production & quality control. We make bricks and mix from different soils ensuring that all participants learns under our supervision. You learn how to check quality of the bricks.


Day 4 – Efficienct production & the business of an enterprise
We bring the production up to full speed teaching your team how to produce at scale. The last day we also include a business training for running an Interlocking Brick Enterprise. This includes best practices to run an efficient enterprise based on our experience helping more than 250 entrepreneurs start their business.

Affordable housing using CSEB

Masons training - Building with interlocking bricks

Learn to design buildings and build with interlocking bricks. In this hands-on training we teach your team while building your first house or school.

Foundation & disaster resistance
A theory of how to build with CSEB Interlocking Bricks combined with a practical training where we together build the foundation of your first building.

Walls & beams
This section focus on how to build walls with Interlocking Bricks. We go through brick laying, beam casting, quality control and all aspects of wall construction. The work is done while building the walls of your first building.

RCC & loadbearing structures
The training covers both how to build loadbearing as well as RCC structures with Interlocking Bricks.

Designing buildings with Interlocking Bricks
In this section we go through key design principles when building with Interlocking Bricks, how to design buildings and guidelines to follow.

The video shows the basics of building earthquake resistant with CSEB Interlocking Bricks. In training we go through each step both theoretically and hands-on on your first building, making sure trainees understand each step.