Affordable housing using CSEB

Interlocking Brick

From reconstruction to all over Nepal

Interlocking Bricks is quickly becoming popular all over Nepal. In urban areas and highways it is common to use Interlocking Bricks as infill wall for RCC buildings. Up to 40% lower cost for construction of wall compared to fired bricks.

Interlocking brick house

Loadbearing Interlocking Brick houses

Building in load bearing wall design saves costs but still allows you to build single or double story houses. Building a load bearing house with Interlocking Brick saves 20-40% of the cost compared to the same size house in fired bricks.

Affordable housing using CSEB

Interlocking Brick community buildings

Interlocking Bricks is popular for public and community buildings such as health posts, community centers, agriculture collection centers and orphanages.

Interlocking Brick Schools

Eco-friendly, earthquake resistant

Interlocking Brick schools can either be built in load bearing wall design using 24x24x10 cm Interlocking Bricks or as infill in RCC design.

Healthy, bright, spacious indoor environment

Compared to traditional and stone houses, indoor environment is greatly improved with Interlocking Bricks.

Affordable house using CSEB

4-room RCC houses are very popular

Building in phases is very common in Nepal. This house designs allows you to build 4-rooms to begin with and extend with 2nd and 3rd floor later on.

Affordable house using CSEB