Affordable housing using CSEB

Building with local resources

We believe the most effective way to build in rural Nepal is by empowering local people and using local materials. We support rural entrepreneurs and communities to make their own eco-friendly Interlocking Bricks and build earthquake resistant.

The challenge

Millions of families in Nepal live in substandard housing and shelters and poverty is widespread. Unsafe, crowded housing causes disease, social conflicts and vulnerability to disasters. The situation was dramatically worsened by the 2015 earthquakes and reoccurring floods, destroying 800,000+ homes.

Our solution

Build up Nepal supports rural communities and entrepreneurs to build earthquake resistant at low cost. We specialize in the innovative Interlocking Brick (CSEB) technology, enabling rural communities to produce bricks using local materials. We support rural entrepreneurs to start micro-construction companies building earthquake resistant houses in their own village.

Benefits of interlocking Earth Bricks

  • 40% less cost for walls, genuinely affordable for poor families to build new homes
  • Disaster resistant, safe housing and resilient communities
  • 75% less CO2 emissions, mitigating climate change
  • Creates local, secure jobs, reducing migration
Affordable housing using CSEB

Creating micro-enterprises


We support rural entrepreneurs to start micro-construction companies to make eco-friendly bricks and build disaster resilient houses. The entrepreneur invests in the machine, set-up and materials and we support with training, quality assurance and long term support. Each enterprise acts as a sustainable economic engine in the village creating jobs, building new houses and resilience over the long term.

Average impact per enterprise each year:
– 15 low-cost houses
– 10-12 jobs in the village
– Saving 70-tons of CO2 emissions

Our micro-enterprise model enables high impact and long-term results.

Creating jobs and livelihood

In rural communities

There is lack of reliable employment in rural Nepal. Youth are migrating abroad or to urban areas for work. In contrast, our model creates jobs in the village. Each enterprise creates 10-12 jobs and builds long-term economic development in the village.

Each entrepreneur invest his/her own money, time, sweat and tears into the business ensuring a long-term commitment and impact for years to come.


Case study - Majhigaun

55 poor families have rebuilt their own homes.

Building vulnerable communities


The technology is especially effective in poor, rural communities. Families can come together in groups, make their own bricks and build their own homes at low cost.

Affordable housing using CSEB

Eco-friendly, earthquake resistant schools

Build up Nepal is working as a construction partner for NGOs and INGOs to build schools, health posts and community buildings in rural areas. See our designs for eco-friendly, earthquake resistant schools at 20% lower cost than fired bricks.

Each classroom we build is a training for local builders and entrepreneurs ensuring a long-term development in the village.
Designs, drawings and details about eco-friendly schools >>


Inclusive construction

Opportunities for women, youth & disadvantaged groups

Many Nepali men have migrated for work and local development is now up to the women. Our experience working with more than 25 women entrepreneurs shows they can overcome initial barriers and become succesful brick-makers, masons and even entrepreneurs!

See the video from Niruta BK one of our female construction entrepreneurs!