About us

Build up Nepal is working to fight poverty and inequality in rural villages. We support local entrepreneurs and poor communities to build low-cost, earthquake resistant and eco-friendly houses. 


The challenge

Millions of families in rural Nepal live in substandard housing and shelters and poverty is widespread. Unhygienic, crowded housing causes health issues, disease, social conflicts and vulnerability to disasters, disproportionately affecting women and children. The situation was dramatically worsened by the 2015 earthquakes and 2017 and 2019 floods, destroying 800,000+ homes. Rural communities lack income, skill and appropriate technology to build safe homes and resilience ahead of future disasters.

Our solution

To date, Build up Nepal has supported 125 rural entrepreneurs to start sustainable micro-construction enterprises. We specialise in the innovative Earth Brick (Interlocking Brick) technology, which enables rural communities to produce bricks using local materials. Our model provides machines, training, model houses and long-term support, enabling rural entrepreneurs and communities to build safe, affordable homes. Compared to conventional materials, Earth Bricks have the following benefits:

  • 25% less cost, making it genuinely affordable for poor families to build new homes 
  • Disaster resilient, ensuring safe housing and resilient communities
  • 39% less CO2 emissions, mitigating climate change
  • Creates local, secure jobs, reducing migration

Inclusive Construction: There exists a huge potential to support women, youth and disadvantaged groups in construction in Nepal. Our experience working with many women-, youth- and DAG-led enterprises shows they can become successful construction entrepreneurs, and that it opens up the door for others to work in construction.

Multiplier Effect: the Build Up Nepal model ignites an economic engine in each village, creating secure jobs, safe homes and resilient communities

Match funding: The micro-entrepreneur(s) invests in the machine and production-set-up, which secures strong local ownership. The match-funding helps fund key support such as technical trainings, model construction, mobilization and long-term support to establish the enterprise as a sustainable economic engine within the community. Funders will see their investment leveraged effectively to deliver high impact in the long term.

Economic Impact: Every year each enterprise builds on average 15 news homes, creates 10-12 full time jobs and saves 70 ton of CO2 year-on-year, over the long-term.

Community Impact: Access to safe, habitable, affordable homes is a fundamental human right and a bedrock for healthy social and economic development. Long-term benefits of safe housing include improved health, safety, and quality of life.

Our hybrid model of supporting rural entrepreneurs and communities has delivered proven results for over four years. In partnership with SPRING Accelerator, supported by UKaid/USAID/AustralianAid, we have refined the model, now ready for scale.

If a woman like me can start a construction enterprise and succeed, then any woman can do it

See the short videos below to see how Parbati and Niruta both become successful woman construction entrepreneurs

Read more about Parbati and how we work to empower Women in Construction in Nepal

Scale: To date we have supported 125 rural communities to build more than 2500+ homes and schools, creating 1538 secure jobs and saving 11,250 tons of CO2.

Our Impact goals by 2025:

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