Project with Tibet Relief Fund

We have been working as reconstruction partner to Tibet Relief Fund to rebuild the five classroom village school in Bakhang which is now complete!! This school is situated in the center of the village and there is no other school for 3 hours walk from the village.  As Bakhang is located at an altitude of 2800 m; holding classes in temporary building was getting very cold and uncomfortable in winter.


Project progress

The school construction was completed in December, 2017 which was followed by an inauguration event on 5th January, 2018. The old school was built from stone with with mud mortar and did not withstand the earthquake. The new Earth Brick school has been built with RCC – structure/concrete pillars and Earth Bricks have been used for infill walls. While building the school, the local community has been trained in earthquake resistant construction. This has made them learn a new skill and utilize it while rebuilding more and more houses in their own locality or outside.

Bringing home more children

The name of the school is Suryadaya primary School, holding classes from grade one to five. There was a sharp fall in the number of students attending school post-earthquake. 45 students used to attend the school before earthquake which came down to 24. Lack of education among students could lead to a grim future for them. However, things have changed drastically and positively after reconstruction for new school building. Parents are now eager to make their children continue their studies in the new school building. A few of them had even sent their kids to the capital for an uninterrupted education. These parents plan to bring their children back home as they now have a safe and warm school to go to. Students themselves are ecstatic about having a newly built school for them!!

Rebuilding houses for most vulnerable families

After the school was finished we have supported 14 vulnerable families in the village to rebuild new homes. The bricks have been made locally in the village and the families have rebuilt their own houses with our support.

We are serving as implementation partner to UK-based Tibet Relief fund. Tibet Relief Fund is working to promote self-sufficiency in Tibetan communities and to help them build a positive future in Tibet, Nepal and India.