Reconstruction & new hope in Mulabari

When we first came to Mulabari the village was completely destroyed and families had a strong feeling of hopelessness. In 2016 we initiated a reconstruction project. Now the school is finished along with 5 new houses and there is new hope for the future!

Mulabari is located a few kilometers from the highway to Gorkha. This is a poor rural community of Tamang, Damai, Sarki and 66 students are studying in the village school. Together with AusNep Foundation and Volvo Employees Foundation we have trained the local community in Earth Brick production and rebuilt a new Earth Brick school.

AusNep foundation is an organization of Nepalese living in Bendigo, Australia who has come together to support this poor community with a new school. Simultaneously the Volvo employees foundation have been supporting a micro enterprise program in the village.


We initiated the project by setting up a machine and training the local community in producing Earth Bricks. They then continued producing Earth Bricks for their school. While building the school, we have trained in every step of earthquake resistant construction:

  • How to make a solid foundation
  • How to cast beams and build the walls and reinforce with mortar and rebar
  • How to put on the roof and quality assurance


The project has been very successful and the local community has been well organized and hard working. Through the construction of the school the community have gotten a lot of training in producing Earth Bricks and earthquake resistant construction. There is also a lot more energy in the village now and the school is the first big sign of reconstruction. The school has just finished and is  giving new hope for the families and children!












We are now moving into the next phase where we are helping the community transition into building houses for themselves. The families are excited to start building their houses and the reconstruction of the school will be the start of rebuilding the whole village!