Entrepreneurship driven reconstruction

During 2017-2018 Build up Nepal worketed together with Practical Action in DFID Nepal funded project “Strenthening Reconstruction Supply Chain”  to support a growing number of entrepreneurs to set up Interlocking production and support their villages to rebuild.

We started our partnership through a pilot project that was initiated in early 2017; supporting local entrepreneurs in Rasuwa and Nuwakot districts. The pilot project had really encouraging results and the following scale-up project supported many more entrepreneurs to start construction in Gorkha, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk districts as well.

Altogether the project started 50 Interlocking Brick enterprises and 20 stone cutting enterprises and built more than 600 houses in less than two years.

The project secured A+ rating in DFID Nepal’s annual review 2018.


Impact Model

The goal of the project was to increase the supply of quality and sustainable construction materials and to help earthquake affected families rebuild earthquake resistant at lower cost.

The model in brief:

  1. We identify local entrepreneurs to invest and setup and run the production units
  2. We identify local contractors and masons who are interested to change to use Interlocking Brick / Stone cutting technology.
  3. Model houses are identified in each location and a masons training (on-the-job) training is conducted while building the model house.
  4. We support the enterprises with business training, community meetings, and help convincing masons.
  5. We train the local government representatives and engineers on this technology
  6. Entrepreneurs are given some incentive to work for the most vulnerable households in the area.
  7. An engineer is assigned to each location for quality control