Inclusive construction

To date Build up Nepal has empowered 35+ women entreprenuers to start micro-construction enterprises and start building safe, affordable homes in their communities!

Our women entreprenuers and hundreds of female brick-producers and masons show day-to-day that women are equally capable.

“If a woman like me can start a construction enterprise and succeed, then any woman can do it”


We are proud to work alongside women entrepreneurs like Parbati Sunar, who are taking matters into their own hands to help their communities rebuild.

Equal oppurtunity

There is a large potential for women entrepreneurs, masons and brick-makers in construction in Nepal. Many men have migrated for work and local development is now up to the women. Our experience shows that women can overcome social barriers and successfully start and grow their own construction enterprises!


“Women can effectively build Interlocking Brick houses. If I can do it, so can others”
People used to question how I could build my own house. I told them to wait and that they will be in awe of my house, says Shanti Majhi.

The women effect


30% increase of jobs for Women in Construction

A woman entrepreneur opens the door for other women to work in construction as masons, brickmakers and even contractors.

Improved income, influence and status for women

Women have to work hard to break social norms to become successful construction entrepreneurs. Our experience with 25 female entrepreneurs shows that it can be done with some additional support and coaching.

Safe, healthy homes for rural families

Access to safe, habitable, affordable homes is a fundamental human right and a bedrock for healthy social and economic development. Through our work, we have seen the benefits of resilient housing on families including:

  • Increased safety and protection against disasters and adverse weather (rain, heat, cold)
  • Improved health through access to sanitation and ventilation
  • Increased security and privacy for women and girls within households

Especially the poorest families benefit as they are currently unable to afford to build resilient homes. Our technology and model give them access to resilient construction material at low cost.

Meet Parbati Sunar

Driven Construction Entrepreneur

Parbati has taken matters into her own hands, starting an Interlocking brick enterprise and building safe, new homes in her community. She has built 60+ houses in last 3 years and is employing six people (50% women) full time in her enterprise.

Parbati, like many other women in rural Nepal, was married and became a mother at a young age. Coming from a rural background, without proper education, it was challenging for her to please the in-laws and her husband, resulting in a loveless and dysfunctional marriage. Few years ago, the husband left her, migrating abroad for work, and Parbati was left alone financially and emotionally to take care of their son.

“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for”

When we first met Parbati she was working hard to make a living by growing and selling vegetables. Struggling to make ends meet, she was thinking of migrating to earn better. Due to strong commitment to her son, family and community she decided to stay. Learning about the Interlocking Brick technology she saw the opportunity to establish her own construction enterprise.

“If a rural woman like me can start a construction enterprise and succeed, then any woman can do it”

It has now been a few intense months for her; setting up the machine, getting production started and managing workers. At the start, she had mixed feelings of hesitation and curiosity but when her production training was over, she became confident.

She says the best moment for her was to deliver bricks to her first model house in Charaundi. The model house construction was combined with a mason training and now she is an independent entrepreneur employing 6 local people full-time.

“It’s important to have goals. I see myself as an independent woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it”

Often Nepalese society looks differently to a single mother. Parbati believes that if her husband had not left, and she was not faced with many challenges in life, she would never have been tough enough to become a successful entrepreneur. Today Parbati is working to expand her business and build more houses. She is seen as a role model in the village, inspiring many other rural women to be independent as well.

“Building with Interlocking Bricks was a completely new concept for me, so I was prepared for reactions from my community. One needs to be patient and work hard, but the results are worth it.”